Sometimes you just want to have fun, enjoing a short hop in the airplane. The 100$ hamburger refers to a short flight to a nearby airport for breakfast or lunch. 100$ refers to how much it used to cost for a short trip and back to that airport, including the meal. Unfortunately, it’s more like the 200$ hamburger nowadays, especially if it’s using a rental airplane.


I have known Jean-Benoit since university, so for almost 30 years now. He’s a good friend, with a positive attitude, and a very bright individual as well. After I stopped flying for a few years, being too busy with my career and family, he was the one who kept the spark alive, inviting me for flights from time to time, and encouraging me to get back into flying. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done for me.

So on a sunny Saturday morning, we took off from CYHU, St-Hubert airport on the south shore of Montreal, in his very nice Cessna 182, for a short trip to CYRQ, the Trois-Rivieres airport. Among pilots, the Trois-Rivieres, Bromont (CYBZ) and Sherbrooke (CYSC) airports are popular for they have nice restaurants with nice and relatively affordable menus.

Cessna 182

We had a great time together, enjoyed a great meal, flew back to our homebase, and called it a day. That was time well spent!