I have been fascinated with airplanes all my life.  As a kid, I used to look up in the sky on sunny summer days and see Cessna Skyhawks buzzing high above the city.  I have designed and built a number of kites, gliders and radio-controlled model airplanes.  I finally got my private pilot certificate in 2001.  Like the majority of private pilots, I’ve spent plenty of time in Cessnas, including the 150, 152, 172, 177 and 182.

I read several aviation magazines every month, and I read everything I can about airplanes on the net. I have visited several air and space museums, some of them several times. I find the stories that come with these airplanes fascinating. I like discussing with other pilots. Many of the are great storytellers.

For me, flying is something I need to do on a regular basis, just like I need to escape the city once in a while and get lost in the mountains wilderness. I yearn to be up there in the sky, flying.