Southwestern United States

Flying Higher

I like to fly between 6000 and 9000 feet. It's high enough to be above most general aviation traffic, it is cold enough that it is not sweltering hot in the cockpit, but not so [...]

The 100$ hamburger

Sometimes you just want to have fun, enjoing a short hop in the airplane. The 100$ hamburger refers to a short flight to a nearby airport for breakfast or lunch. 100$ refers to how much [...]

Freezing at 12,000 feet

It was a hot (for Canada) and sunny day. Ground temperature was 36 degrees Celcius. I was flying a DA20-C1 with an instructor on that day. The DA20-C1 is a low wing airplane sporting a [...]

The day I lost the airspeed indicator

When I was a kid, I was fascinated with the Cessna airplanes overflying our house in the summertime. I then gradually became an airplane fanatic, devouring books, visiting museums, going to airshows, building kites, then [...]